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Bedford Ride

1613 Oakwood Street
Bedford, VA 24523

(540) 587-3315

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Contact Information

(540) 587-3315

Who We Are

Bedford Ride provides access to non-emergency medical services (non-Medicaid) to the doctor, the dentist, physical therapy and more.  Transportation is provided by volunteers.  Volunteers provide the elderly, people with disabilities, and low income people in our communities with easy and affordable transportation.

Drivers are carefully screened and thoroughly trained persons who drive safely, protect passenger confidentiality and treat everyone with respect.


Who We Serve

Languages Spoken
Service Area(s)
Bedford County

Cost & Payment Methods

Payment Method(s)
Private Pay
Fee Structure
Suggested Donation
Call for Information

Age Requirements
No Age Requirement
Other Eligibility Criteria
Low income, elderly and individuals with disabilities

Intake Process
Call to schedule an appointment. Please give as much advance notice as possible when requesting a ride
Self Refer
Provider Refer

For Transportation Providers Only:

We can accommodate riders with:
Manual wheelchairs
To accommodate riders, we offer:
One-on-one staff assistance
Voice announcements

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